Aggarwal Brothers - Providing Waterproofing Tapes, Cotton Tapes, Bitumen Tapes, Wire Harness Tapes, and more products!

Our company is pleased to present Aggarwal Brothers as a Premier Premium Industrial Tapes and Insulation Products manufacturer. Waterproofing Tapes, Cotton Tapes, Bitumen Tapes, Wire Harness Tapes, Insulation Tapes, Varnished Tapes, H T Tapes, Pipe Tapes, Butyl Tapes, Empire Tapes, and many other types of customised tapes are just some of the products that we manufacture and export. Our high-quality, cutting-edge, and carefully supervised product design and construction should speak for themselves. Because of its great quality and load-bearing strength, it is well-liked in the industry.

Whether the problem is electrical or not, our unique product line has customers covered with solutions for leakage, corrosion and insulation under various material and surface conditions. Multiple stages of quality control testing are performed on every product to guarantee maximum output. 
The name Aggarwal Brothers is instantly associated with quality and dependability. Mr. Ram Gopal, an honorary founding member, started the company in 1972 and subsequently mentored Mr. Shri Niwas and Mr. R.P. Goyal, who are now responsible for running the company.

Aggarwal Brothers Team

In 1972, our firm was started by Shri Ram Gopal, a Goyal. Mr. Shri Niwas and Mr. R.P. Goyal, under Mr. Ram Gopal's leadership, now head our 100+ strong Production, Research & Development, and Marketing departments. Mr. R.P. Goyal is an industry veteran with 40+ years of extensive experience and exposure.

Having Happy Customers

The quality of our products is our priority. Therefore, we test each one thoroughly before sending it out to our customers. Experts oversee and monitor the process to ensure high-quality results at every step. We strictly adhere to all specifications at maximum production levels and use only the greatest quality standards in our business.

Aggarwal Brothers Infrastructure

All stages of the tape manufacturing process, including forming, manufacturing, conversion, and finishing, are handled in-house at our firm. We manufacture waterproofing, Bitumen, Insulation, H T Tapes, Butyl Tapes, etc., at our facility. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure allows us to provide a high-quality product line that meets or exceeds all international requirements. We have a headquarters at Bhagirath Palace and production facilities in both Roorkee and Delhi. Several distinct divisions, including administration, sales, quality control, product design, advertising, promotion, shipping, receiving, packing, storage, warehousing, etc., are included in this section. Because of this system, we could accommodate the client's wide range of specifications, including a wide range of sizes, thicknesses, and lengths.
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